Fair Trade Zone Location:  Managua, Nicaragua
Type:  Producer, worker-owned cooperative
Products:  Organic & Conventional T-Shirts

Typical Cost:  $8/Shirt, with quantity discounts
Turnaround:  Up to two months
Screenprinting:  Very inexpensive for orders over 100
Contact:  info@nuevavida.org (Spanish Only)
"After Hurricane Mitch, an NGO called Centro pro Desarrollo en Centroamerica, Jubilee House Community (CDCA-JHC), began to investigate a way of fighting the 80% unemployment rate in Nueva Vida. The idea that emerged was to form a sewing cooperative for the women in the neighborhood.

In Nicaragua there are many Free Trade Zones, which employ mainly women. In many of these factories, clothes are made under unjust working conditions, the workers work many hours, and the majority are single mothers. We want to be able to provide what is necessary for our families.In our cooperative, which is in the hands of the workers, we are the owners of our work and invest our labor so that the business functions well. Being worker-owners requires a true promise and commitment to provide other women in our community with better working conditions."
North Country Fair Trade Location:  St. Paul, Minnesota
Type: Distributor
Products:  Organic & Conventional T-Shirts, Canvas Tote Bags, Sweatshirts

Typical Cost:  $6/Shirt, with quantity discounts
Turnaround:  Less than a month + shipping
Screenprinting:  Arrange with a local printer
Contact:  northcountryfairtrade@comcast.net
"[We seek] product substitution for basic consumer goods in high demand by U.S. consumers, organizations and institutions; by seeking out fair trade manufacturers of these products to provide as an alternative to goods produced in sweat shops. Because the most chilling abuses of third world production workers are taking place in the apparel industry, we are focusing our initial efforts in this product category. All consumers participate in the apparel industry with their clothing purchases, with the majority of apparel available in the U.S. coming from sweatshop producers."

NCFT sources from both Nueva Vida and another cooperative of which it is part owner, Maquiladora Dignidad y Justicia.

Ethix Merch Location:  Milford, MA (products from the US, Dominican Republic, and India)
Type:  Producer and Distributor
Products:  Union made, organic, local, and fair trade custom merchandise (T-shirts, clothing, hats, bags, drinkware, lanyards, etc)

Typical cost:  $6-8/Shirt, with quantity discounts
Turnaround:  2 weeks, including screen printing
Screenprinting:  Union screen printing (union bug available)
Contact:  sales@ethixmerch.com
"In addition to helping you navigate the vast array of available merchandise and simplifying the ordering and imprinting process, Ethix Merch aspires to be your trusted ambassador to the world of ethical commerce - to help you protect your organization's bottom line without sacrificing its heart and soul. We are committed to helping solve a much larger problem as well - the problem of so much stuff being created without concern for labor or the environment. We firmly believe that, over time, by helping individual organizations choose ethical options, we will be able to fundamentally change our industry."

Hae Now Location:  West Bengal, India & El Sobrante, California
Type: Producer and Distributor
Products:  Organic Shirts

Typical Cost:  $5-6/Shirt, with quantity discounts
Turnaround:  3-4 days + shipping
Screenprinting:  Available at a separate factory
Contact:  service@haenow.com
"By integrating farmers as partners in the entire production chain, it promotes worker equity and ecologically safe and socially sustainable practices. Organic and fair trade premiums are re-invested in social and community development, providing critical resources like water, medical and school services to impoverished rural communities. A special emphasis is placed on creating a conducive and empowering environment for rural women to play a key role in community development."

Maggie's Organics Location:  Ypsilanti, Michigan
Type:  Manufacturer/Distributor
Products:  Organic Shirts & Apparel

Typical Cost:  $8/Shirt Retail, with quantity discounts (Organic)
Turnaround:  3-4 days + shipping (Available Stock – Moss Colored Tees – Only)
Screenprinting:  Available
Contact:  sales@maggiesorganics.com
"After learning the harsh facts of conventional cotton cultivation and garment manufacturing, we began making garments a different way - using our farmer's Organic cotton. We started with socks, and then added tee shirts: simple products that would encourage the use of Organic fibers in order to convert as many acres of land as possible from conventional to organic farming methods."

Cooperativa de Madres Solteras de El SalvadorCompany Type:  Distributor
Producers: Cooperativa de Madres Solteras (Single Mothers Cooperative), a worker-owned cooperative in Ciudad Futura, El Salvador
Products:  We do not use organic cotton in that it is unavailable in El Salvador. This being said, all of our cotton is sourced from local fabric producers and for our t-shirts we use the mill ends that might not otherwise be used.

 Minimum 20 shirts
Typical Cost:
 Typical starting cost is $7 to $9 (we also offer solidarity prices for social justice organizations--please inquire)
Turnaround: 2-3 weeks
Screenprinting: Yes we offer printing services through Axis Gear
Contact:  daniel@justshirts.ca
"JustShirts is a sweatshop-free non-profit worker-owned cooperative. We work with a single mothers cooperative in El Salvador that produces fairly-traded tshirts and other clothing products. The work provided to the single mothers cooperative allows the mothers to support their children and to escape the cycle of poverty and violence that is characteristic of many communities in Central America--especially with the devastation of the maquila industry that has resulted from changes in worldwide tariffs. Visit our website for more information: www.justshirts.ca"

fibrEthikCompany Type:  Distributor, not-for-profit co-operative based in Montreal, Canada
Producers:  3 small scale producer groups in India
Products:  T-shirts and other cotton products made from only organic & Fair Trade Certified cotton
Memberships & Certifications:  
Made from Fair Trade Certified and organic certified cotton

 Minimum 10 shirts
Typical Cost:
 $10-$14 depending on quantity
Turnaround:  3 to 4 weeks + shipping for less than 400 tees
Screenprinting:  Yes we do custom screenprinting, in Montreal, Canada, using water based inks. Also printing can be done in India with our partners over there, we need a 3 to 4 months delay to fulfill the orders abroad. Then we use low-impact organic certified inks.
Contact:  contact@fibrethik.org
"Born from a 100% Canadian initiative, FibrEthik is a not-for-profit cooperative that directly imports and promotes Fair Trade and Organic Cotton goods. The fibrEthik Identity:
  • Fair: 100% Fair Trade, FibrEthik is committed to raise awareness about sustainable and fair consumption.
  • Organic: High quality products, made from 100% organic cotton (no chemicals, neither in fields, nor in plants!)
  • Solidarity: We are dealing in partnership with 100% social oriented groups of producers and manufacturers that we meet!"